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    427  Use of cannabis and related products in women with pelvic pain: A survey   Unassigned   SPH      2019-12-11         Geoffrion, Roxana    
    428  PHISIQUE Study: Postpartum pelvic floor Health Index: Sexuality, Incontinence and QUality of life Evaluation after obstetric anal sphincter injury   Unassigned   SPH      2019-12-11         Geoffrion, Roxana    
    423  Patient Outcomes and Morbidity in the Management of Graft Erosions Following REconstructive Pelvic Surgery Using Grafts (rGEM)   Unassigned   SPH   Gynaecologic Specialties   2019-12-10         Cundiff, Geoffrey W.    
    424  Searching for Anatomical Phenotypes of Pelvic Organ Prolapse that Map to Symptoms   Unassigned   SPH   Gynaecologic Specialties   2019-12-10         Cundiff, Geoffrey W.    
    425  Perinatal Outcomes based on Patient’s Value of cOmpleXities (POP VOX – PHASE 2)   Unassigned   SPH      2019-12-10         Cundiff, Geoffrey W.    
    426  Cesarean Section Rates and Maternal Comorbidity: A Quality Control Study - With further inquiry into Robson group one as well as inductions   Unassigned   SPH   General Obstetrics and Gynaecology   2019-12-10         Kim, Susan    
    416  Likelihood of live birth for women with two or more pregnancies losses   Unassigned   BCW   Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility   2019-12-05         Bedaiwy, Mohamed    
    417  Relationship of BMI and recurrent pregnancy loss   Unassigned   BCW   Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility   2019-12-05         Bedaiwy, Mohamed    
    418  The outcome of pregnancies complicated by bleeding before 20 weeks gestation   Unassigned   BCW   Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility   2019-12-05         Bedaiwy, Mohamed    
    419  Relationship of having a chronic morbid condition and likelihood of a history of two or more pregnancy losses   Unassigned   BCW   Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility   2019-12-05         Bedaiwy, Mohamed    
    420  Relationship of smoking during pregnancy and history of pregnancy loss   Unassigned   BCW   Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility   2019-12-05         Bedaiwy, Mohamed    
    421  Substance use and history of recurrent pregnancy loss.   Unassigned   BCW   Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility   2019-12-05         Bedaiwy, Mohamed    
    422  Outcome of IVF pregnancies in BC   Unassigned   BCW   Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility   2019-12-05         Bedaiwy, Mohamed    
    412  Mindfulness vs sex therapy for sexual dysfunction in breast cancer survivors   Unassigned   VGH   Gynaecologic Specialties   2019-12-02         Brotto, Lori A.    
    413  Gestational diabetes insulin control vs. diet control vs. no diabetes fetal and neonatal outcomes in a BC population   Unassigned   BCW   Maternal Fetal Medicine   2019-12-02         Burrows, Jason    
    409  Assisting with study materials and facilitation of a digital health project to facilitate access to abortion for Venezuelan women   Unassigned   BCW   Gynaecologic Specialties   2019-11-29         Gill, Roopan    
    410  Development of digital decision support tools to disseminate and improve access of World Health Organization Safe Abortion guidance   Unassigned   BCW   Gynaecologic Specialties   2019-11-29         Gill, Roopan    
    411  Assist with the inception and development of country case studies that highlight implementation strategies for safe abortion provision in humanitarian and emergency contexts   Unassigned   BCW   Gynaecologic Specialties   2019-11-29         Gill, Roopan    
    395  Long Term Follow-up Study of HPV Vaccine in Girls and Women Living with HIV   Unassigned   BCW   Gynaecologic Specialties   2019-10-08         Money, Deborah    
    396  Quadrivalent HPV Vaccine Evaluation Study (QUEST)   Unassigned   BCW   Gynaecologic Oncology   2019-10-08         Ogilvie, Gina    
    397  Population-level impact of HPV vaccination in British Columbia   Unassigned   BCW   Gynaecologic Oncology   2019-10-08         Ogilvie, Gina    
    398  HPV For Cervical cancer (FOCAL) Trial   Unassigned   VGH   Gynaecologic Oncology   2019-10-08         Ogilvie, Gina    
    399  Advances in Screening and Prevention in Reproductive Cancers (ASPIRE) Mayuge   Unassigned   BCW   Gynaecologic Oncology   2019-10-08         Ogilvie, Gina    
    400  CervixCheck   Unassigned   BCW   Gynaecologic Oncology   2019-10-08         Ogilvie, Gina    
    401  STI vaccines   Unassigned   BCW   Gynaecologic Specialties   2019-10-08         Ogilvie, Gina    
    402  HPV Prevalence Study   Unassigned   BCW   Gynaecologic Specialties   2019-10-08         Ogilvie, Gina    
    403  Penicillin Allergy Challenge Clinic   Unassigned   BCW   Gynaecologic Specialties   2019-10-08         Elwood, Chelsea    
    389  Fetal anemia registry   Unassigned   BCW   Maternal Fetal Medicine   2019-10-07         Delisle, Marie-France    
    390  Twin pregnancy and emergency cerclage   Unassigned   BCW   Maternal Fetal Medicine   2019-10-07         Delisle, Marie-France    
    391  Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy: maternal and neonatal outcomes in BC and Alberta since the introduction of maternal serum bile acids for diagnosis   Unassigned   BCW   Maternal Fetal Medicine   2019-10-07         Kent, Nancy E.    
    347  Prevalence and treatment of endometrial polyps in a cohort of 1500 patients with Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL)   Unassigned   BCW   Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility   2018-06-05         Bedaiwy, Mohamed    
    350  Chronic endometritis: The forgotten factor in infertility and RPL?   Unassigned   BCW   Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility   2018-06-05         Bedaiwy, Mohamed    
    351  Surgical outcome following laparoscopic myomectomy in infertile women above the age of 40   Unassigned   BCW   Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility   2018-06-05         Bedaiwy, Mohamed    
    353  Effect of residual fibroid load on the outcome following myomectomy   Unassigned   BCW   Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility   2018-06-05         Bedaiwy, Mohamed    
    323  Chart reviews of interesting or uncommon gynaecologic-onclology cases   Unassigned   VGH   Gynaecologic Oncology   2017-07-05         Carey, Mark    
    324  Selected lab-based projects in rare gynaecologic cancers   Unassigned   VGH   Gynaecologic Oncology   2017-07-05         Carey, Mark    
    325  Sentinel lymph nodes in endometrial cancer   Unassigned   VGH   Gynaecologic Oncology   2017-07-05         Carey, Mark    
    326  Opportunities for surgical oncology planning (health services type research)   Unassigned   VGH   Gynaecologic Oncology   2017-07-05         Carey, Mark    
    321  Adenomyosis: outcome after uterine preservation surgery   Unassigned   BCW   Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility   2017-06-28         Bedaiwy, Mohamed    
    322  Adenomyosis: Outcome after IVF treatment   Unassigned   BCW   Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility   2017-06-28         Bedaiwy, Mohamed    
    317  HIV and women   Unassigned   BCW   Gynaecologic Specialties   2017-06-21         Money, Deborah    
    318  HPV vaccine in HIV positive women   Unassigned   BCW   Gynaecologic Specialties   2017-06-21         Money, Deborah    
    319  Maternal Microbiome LEGACY Project - A study of the impact of the maternal microbiome on perinatal outcomes and the establishment of the infant microbiome   Unassigned   BCW      2017-06-21         Money, Deborah    
    296  Systematic review of outcomes measures in vulvodynia   Unassigned   VGH   Gynaecologic Specialties   2016-08-31         Smith, Kelly   Sadownik, Leslie A. 
    297  GVHD chart review   Unassigned   VGH   Gynaecologic Specialties   2016-08-31            Sadownik, Leslie A. 
    298  Five year retrospective review of pediatric admissions for heavy menstrual bleeding   Unassigned   BCW   General and Gynaecologic Specialties   2016-08-31         Todd, Nicole    
    299  15 year comparison of multi-disciplinary care of adolescent pregnancies versus urban controls   Unassigned   BCW   General and Gynaecologic Specialties   2016-08-31         Todd, Nicole    
    300  Use of fibristal for the management of acute heavy menstrual bleeding in high risk patients   Unassigned   BCW   General and Gynaecologic Specialties   2016-08-31         Todd, Nicole    
    301  Randomized controlled trial of Copper vs Mirena IUCD for immediate post-placental IUD insertion   Unassigned   BCW   General and Gynaecologic Specialties   2016-08-31         Todd, Nicole    
    287  A retrospective review of pregnancy related outcomes in patients with complex renal disease   Unassigned   BCW   General Obstetrics and Gynaecology   2016-07-27         Joa, Elisabet A.    
    290  The value of sweeping membranes (Lit review, retrospective chart review, randomized control trial)   Unassigned   BCW   General Obstetrics and Gynaecology   2016-07-27         Woo, Henry    
    291  Chromosomal abnormalities in conceptions from assisted reproductive technologies. (Retrospective chart review)   Unassigned   BCW   Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility   2016-07-27         Ma, Sai    
    292  Surgical and clinical outcomes after temporary abdominal ovarian suspension in patients undergoing excision of endometriosis and or ovarian adhesiolysis   Unassigned   BCW   Gynaecologic Specialties   2016-07-27         Williams, Christina    
    294  Satisfaction and Acceptability of Hormone Replacement Therapies for Women with CAIS (Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome) Lit review, questionnaire   Unassigned   VGH   General and Gynaecologic Specialties   2016-07-27         Millar, Debra    
    219  Etiology and outcomes of dysparuenia and pelvic pain in women with endometriosis (multiple laboratory and clinical projects)   Unassigned   BCW   Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility   2016-07-27         Yong, Paul    
    261  10 year follow-up of mother-infnt prison units   Unassigned   VGH      2016-07-26             
    268  CS RATE A QUALITY CONTROL STUDY   Unassigned   VGH      2016-07-26             
    243  Complicated MCDA Twin NAFTNet Registry   Unassigned   BCW   Maternal Fetal Medicine   2015-09-17         Pressey, Tracy L.    
    193  Prevalence of Mullerian anomalies in unselected patients with RPL   Unassigned   BCW   Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility   2013-12-06         Bedaiwy, Mohamed    
    194  Prevalence of anatomic defects in patients with RPL and infertile patients   Unassigned   BCW   Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility   2013-12-06         Bedaiwy, Mohamed    
    153  Impact of graft versus host disease on genital pain, sexual health, and quality of life (prospective trial of BMT patients who are seen in a gynecology consult)   Unassigned   VGH   Gynaecologic Specialties   2012-04-17         Sadownik, Leslie A.   Smith, Kelly 
    142  What is the impact of chronic vulvar dermatoses on the quality of life and sexual health of affected women? (Prospective study)   Unassigned   VGH   Gynaecologic Specialties   2012-04-16         Sadownik, Leslie A.    
    143  Analysis of referrals to the Vulvar Disease Clinic (Who is seen, Reason for referral, Diagnosis, etc...) Has the pattern of referral changed over time? (Retrospective Chart Review) Comparison with similar study done in 1995   Unassigned   VGH   Gynaecologic Specialties   2012-04-16         Sadownik, Leslie A.    
    144  How long do women with erosive vulvovaginal lichen planus have symptoms prior to diagnosis? Retrospective Chart Review of women presenting to the VGH Vulvar Disease Clinic   Unassigned   VGH   Gynaecologic Specialties   2012-04-16         Sadownik, Leslie A.