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Active ID Full Title ProjectStatus Site Division CreatedDate StartDate CompletedDate Supervisor1 Supervisor2
    486  Incontinence Sling Review   Unassigned   SPH   Gynaecologic Specialties   2024-01-16         Geoffrion, Roxana    
    485  Pelvic organ prolapse or hypercontracted pelvic floor? A case-control study   Unassigned   SPH   General and Gynaecologic Specialties   2024-01-03         Geoffrion, Roxana    
    484  Retrospective study on Gestational Diabetes and Stillbirth Risk in our Province   Unassigned   BCW   Maternal Fetal Medicine   2023-10-10         Burrows, Jason    
    475  Is Covering Your Needle In Surgery Really A Good Idea?   Unassigned   SPH   Gynaecologic Specialties   2023-08-21         Cundiff, Geoffrey    
    474  Assessing anxiety and depression as risk factors for prolonged opioid use after surgery   Unassigned   SPH   Gynaecologic Specialties   2023-02-15         Cundiff, Geoffrey    
    473  Pelvic organ prolapse or hypercontracted pelvic floor? A case control study   Unassigned   SPH   Gynaecologic Specialties   2023-01-09         Geoffrion, Roxana    
    470  South Asian women’s experiences with vulvo-vaginal health interventions   Unassigned   VGH   General and Gynaecologic Specialties   2022-09-05         Brotto, Lori    
    471  Prospective interstitial pregnancy at VGH   Unassigned   VGH   General and Gynaecologic Specialties   2022-09-05         Todd, Nicole    
    472  Prospective C/S Scar pregnancies   Unassigned   VGH   General and Gynaecologic Specialties   2022-09-05         Todd, Nicole    
    468  Let’s boo off the BOO (Bladder Outlet Obstruction)   Unassigned   BCW   Maternal Fetal Medicine   2022-08-30         Mayer, Chantal   Kim, Soojin 
    469  Applying a Human-Centred Design Approach in the Development of a Mature Women’s Health Program at BC Women’s Health Centre   Unassigned   BCW   General and Gynaecologic Specialties   2022-08-30         Christoffersen-Deb, Astrid    
    466  Needle safety in surgery: Should solid needles be covered or not?   Unassigned   SPH   Gynaecologic Specialties   2022-07-14         Cundiff, Geoffrey    
    467  What is the risk of OASI with OP Malposition?   Unassigned   SPH   Gynaecologic Specialties   2022-07-14         Cundiff, Geoffrey    
    463  Interventional radiology guided repair of Asherman syndrome   Unassigned   BCW   Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility   2021-08-04         Bedaiwy, Mohamed    
    464  Reproductive outcome after IR guided tubal cannula toon   Unassigned   BCW   Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility   2021-08-04         Bedaiwy, Mohamed    
    465  Individuals with VIN score poorly on quality of life and sexual functioning assessments. This project will develop and implement an educational intervention to decrease VIN-associated sexual distress.   Unassigned   VGH   General and Gynaecologic Specialties   2021-08-04         Altas, Melanie    
    462  Delivering personalized care to women with vulvodynia: The integration of an electronic patient assessment questionnaire into the clinical setting   Unassigned   VGH   Gynaecologic Specialties   2021-08-03         Brotto, Lori    
    321  Adenomyosis: outcome after uterine preservation surgery   Unassigned   BCW   Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility   2021-07-28         Bedaiwy, Mohamed    
    458  Impact of BMI of the outcome of IVF pregnancies   Unassigned   BCW   Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility   2021-06-17         Bedaiwy, Mohamed    
    459  Second live birth outcome following CSD   Unassigned   BCW   Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility   2021-06-17         Bedaiwy, Mohamed    
    460  Fertility after CS   Unassigned   BCW   Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility   2021-06-17         Bedaiwy, Mohamed    
    461  Comparison of obstetrics outcome of twin gestation following spontaneous conception and IVF   Unassigned   BCW   Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility   2021-06-17         Bedaiwy, Mohamed    
    455  General Gynaecology (various)   Unassigned   VGH   General and Gynaecologic Specialties   2020-07-08         Todd, Nicole    
    456  Complex Contraception (various)   Unassigned   VGH   General and Gynaecologic Specialties   2020-07-08         Todd, Nicole    
    457  Pediatric Gynaecology (various)   Unassigned   BCW   General and Gynaecologic Specialties   2020-07-08         Todd, Nicole    
    447  Bacteremia in pregnant and postpartum women   Unassigned   BCW   Gynaecologic Specialties   2020-07-06         Elwood, Chelsea    
    448  Endometriosis Pelvic Pain Interdisciplenary Cohort Data Registry (EPPIC)   Unassigned   BCW   Gynaecologic Specialties   2020-07-06         Yong, Paul    
    449  CANCOVID-Preg   Unassigned   BCW   Gynaecologic Specialties   2020-07-06         Money, Deborah    
    450  Canadian Population Serological Survey Utilizing Antenatal Serum Samples   Unassigned   BCW   Gynaecologic Specialties   2020-07-06         Money, Deborah    
    451  Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) After Pregnancy Loss   Unassigned   BCW   Maternal Fetal Medicine   2020-07-06         Pugash, Denise    
    453  Systematic review of risk factors associated with vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia (VIN)   Unassigned   VGH   Gynaecologic Oncology   2020-07-06         Proctor, Lily   Sadownik, Leslie 
    439  Treatment guidelines adherence in each histotype of ovarian cancer   Unassigned   VGH      2020-07-03         Talhouk, Aline    
    425  Perinatal Outcomes based on Patient’s Value of cOmpleXities (POP VOX – PHASE 2)   Unassigned   SPH      2019-12-10         Cundiff, Geoffrey    
    426  Cesarean Section Rates and Maternal Comorbidity: A Quality Control Study - With further inquiry into Robson group one as well as inductions   Unassigned   SPH   General Obstetrics and Gynaecology   2019-12-10         Kim, Susan    
    417  Relationship of BMI and recurrent pregnancy loss   Unassigned   BCW   Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility   2019-12-05         Bedaiwy, Mohamed    
    418  The outcome of pregnancies complicated by bleeding before 20 weeks gestation   Unassigned   BCW   Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility   2019-12-05         Bedaiwy, Mohamed    
    420  Relationship of smoking during pregnancy and history of pregnancy loss   Unassigned   BCW   Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility   2019-12-05         Bedaiwy, Mohamed    
    421  Substance use and history of recurrent pregnancy loss.   Unassigned   BCW   Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility   2019-12-05         Bedaiwy, Mohamed    
    413  Gestational diabetes insulin control vs. diet control vs. no diabetes fetal and neonatal outcomes in a BC population   Unassigned   BCW   Maternal Fetal Medicine   2019-12-02         Burrows, Jason    
    414  Management of Fetal growth restriction at different tertiary care institutions across Canada: A survey   Unassigned   BCW   Maternal Fetal Medicine   2019-12-02         Burrows, Jason    
    395  Long Term Follow-up Study of HPV Vaccine in Girls and Women Living with HIV   Unassigned   BCW   Gynaecologic Specialties   2019-10-08         Money, Deborah    
    403  Penicillin Allergy Challenge Clinic   Unassigned   BCW   Gynaecologic Specialties   2019-10-08         Elwood, Chelsea    
    389  Fetal anemia registry   Unassigned   BCW   Maternal Fetal Medicine   2019-10-07         Delisle, Marie-France    
    317  HIV and women   Unassigned   BCW   Gynaecologic Specialties   2017-06-21         Money, Deborah    
    319  Maternal Microbiome LEGACY Project - A study of the impact of the maternal microbiome on perinatal outcomes and the establishment of the infant microbiome   Unassigned   BCW   Gynaecologic Specialties   2017-06-21         Money, Deborah    
    298  Five year retrospective review of pediatric admissions for heavy menstrual bleeding   Unassigned   BCW   General and Gynaecologic Specialties   2016-08-31         Todd, Nicole    
    299  15 year comparison of multi-disciplinary care of adolescent pregnancies versus urban controls   Unassigned   BCW   General and Gynaecologic Specialties   2016-08-31         Todd, Nicole    
    300  Use of fibristal for the management of acute heavy menstrual bleeding in high risk patients   Unassigned   BCW   General and Gynaecologic Specialties   2016-08-31         Todd, Nicole    
    301  Randomized controlled trial of Copper vs Mirena IUCD for immediate post-placental IUD insertion   Unassigned   BCW   General and Gynaecologic Specialties   2016-08-31         Todd, Nicole    
    261  10 year follow-up of mother-infnt prison units   Unassigned   VGH      2016-07-26             
    268  CS RATE A QUALITY CONTROL STUDY   Unassigned   VGH      2016-07-26